Lined with Gold

It is with trepidation that I’m starting to write my first post on my blog. My blog! My own! Now that is indulgence, isn’t it. A space that is devoted to you, space that is all about you – your thoughts, feelings, learnings, humour, likes & dislikes. Hedonistic, I’d say. So, here it is – Lined with Gold!

Jamshedpur, the city that I grew up in. Beautiful, warm, loving…Those of you who grew up there would understand what I’m saying. Hari’s golgappas, Rao’s idlis, Telco Stadium, Gulmohur School, Bhuvaneshwari Temple, Narayan kulfi, Durga Puja, Egg rolls, friends…Jamshedpur, on the banks of river Subarnarekha. Subarnarekha roughly translates to ‘Lined with Gold’ in English, and that’s where the name of this blog derives its inspiration from.

It’s been 3 years since I’ve been to Jamshedpur, but I feel I can smell the air there everyday. I see myself walking from Ring Road to Telco Stadium, I see myself with friends, chatting, laughing, gorging on home made food (we didn’t get enough pocket money to eat out). I see myself in the classroom at Gulmohur School, I see myself sitting in the school library, playing football in the basket ball court! (we didn’t have a football ground in the school then), I see myself punished in the corridoor 🙂 (that used to happen a lot to me). Yes, Jamshedpur was fun…it really was.

I hope I’ll be able to go there soon, one last time before my parents leave the city to come and stay with me, and do everything that I did there before I moved out.

Till then, I’ll keep writing about the city which is ‘Lined with Gold’.


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