I’ll be Bach

“I’ll be back” is the famous line from Terminator. I loved the movie as a kid and have watched it countless times. Years later, I read a joke in some magazine about a filmmaker who wanted to make a movie on the greatest musicians of all time. He called four actors in his studio and asked them to pick the parts they wanted to play. “I’ll be Mozart”, said the first actor. “I’ll be Beethoven” chimed the second. Suddenly a booming voice declared “I’ll be Bach”. No surprises for guessing that the voice belonged to our very own Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Well technically I should have titled the post ‘I’m Back’, because it is about the end of my hiatus from this space after over four months. However, I could not stop myself from using one of my favorite lines from the movies, ‘I’ll be back’ or rather, with a twist, ‘I’ll be Bach’.

The past four months were both frustrating and exhilarating. Work sucked…BIG TIME. Too much to do in too little time, struggle to stay afloat, sleep deprivation, walking about like a zombie, tiredness…sigh! Then there was the stress of applying for and securing a home loan, signing various forms, putting together endless documents, countless visits to the bank…phew! Exhilarating because we moved in to our own house. The feeling took some time to sink in. Thanks to Sharath and Kiran, moving in was made a lot easier.

Now, that we’re pretty much settled in the house and the fire at work is somewhat under control, I thought it was time to indulge myself a little and hence a return to this page. I’m promising myself that I’ll try and be a little more regular with my posts. Let’s see!


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