About Me and ‘Lined with Gold’

The name of this blog ‘Lined with Gold’ gets its inspiration from Jamsedpur, the city I grew up in. Jamshedpur is on the banks of the river Subarnarekha, which roughly translates in English to ‘Lined with Gold’.

So, what can you expect to find in ‘Lined with Gold’? Well, expect to read about Jamshedpur, of course. The love and warmth that the city exudes…its quirks, the eateries, the people, and the Tata companies. You will also read about sports. Calvin & Hobbes will keep making occasional appearances. Then there’s movies, music and books. You’ll also get a dose of history and politics and those of you who are from the Training & Development fraternity will also find a few thoughts on the subject.

I grew up in Jamshedpur, studied Economics in Banaras Hindu University and Management at UBS, Panjab University. Pursuing Training & Development as a career was not something I had planned. It happened more by accident, but now having spent more than 9 years in this profession, I have developed a passion for it.

I am a foodie and I’m married to a woman, who I believe is one of the best cooks in this world. So, a section of this blog is devoted to my gastronomical and my wife’s culinary pursuits. Since she is a working woman, she indulges herself in the kitchen only on the weekends. So, I’ll also tickle your tastebuds on this blog.

Come, enjoy yourself!


3 thoughts on “About Me and ‘Lined with Gold’

  1. Thanks Jaspal…I had a look at the portal…The section on eating joints is quite bare at the moment. We’ll need to add restaurans such as Frank’s in this list. Moreover, we should also have a section on street food. The golgappas, singharas, aloo chaps etc. I’ll keep visiting the site and will keep dropping my comments and suggestions. Cheers!

  2. Hi Ritesh,

    I am hoping you are still tracking this.

    My name is Ibrahim and I am a graphic design student.

    I would love to use the image of the samosa found in your Jamshedpur and the Humble Samosa post for a poster. I am not making any money on the poster and would love to get your permission to use them for a poster I am designing.

    Please let me know and thank you.

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