The Delights of Slow Cooked Chicken Legs

There’s a new milestone in Pari’s culinary journey – slow cooked chicken legs! While she has cooked chicken legs earlier, her new recipe and method has introduced me to new gastronomical delights. When you bite into the succulent meat, it comes off from the bone easily and as you start chewing on it, it melts in your mouth. The flavors burst on to your taste buds and your eyes close with orgasmic pleasure. Mmmm…I’ve started drooling again. Continue reading


Prawn Delight

Sunday evenings are lazy. You are sprawled on the couch watching a movie that you’ve watched at least 5 times, or the highlights of a cricket match that took place 15 years ago. Yawn!!!

So what do you need to perk yourself up? How about some steaming hot prawn pasta in spicy red sauce with red and yellow pepper and dollops of cheese? Mmmm…So this was the special from Pari’s kitchen last evening. Continue reading