Recurring Motifs in Calvin & Hobbes – The Cardboard Box

The Time Machine

Want to time travel? Or make clones of yourself? Or transmogrify yourself into something else; let’s say, a pterodactyl or a dinosaur or a lion? You’d be wondering what is the connection between these apparantly discrete activities. What if I told you that you could do all of these with one simple device – a corrugated cardboard box? Well, at least in Calvin’s world, you can.

You can change the function of the box by simply turnning it from one position to another and changing the label. Let’s say you want to time travel – all you need to do is keep the box’s face up with the top open and sit inside it. Well, you have to be careful with which way you are sitting; otherwise you may time travel the wrong way. Calvin once went into the past when he really intended to go into the future. He realized his mistake when he saw a dinosaur. Continue reading