Reality Continues To Ruin My Life

Crash! Bang! Thud!

I’ve been brought down to the ground. Two days ago I had gloated over Australia’s exit from the World Twenty20 and their apparant inability to adjust to the shortest format of the game. Today, here I am, confronting the reality that the team that I support, the World Champions, haven’t been doing a great job in Twenty20 cricket either. To borrow a phrase from our dear friend Calvin, “Reality continues to ruin my life.”

pathanIndia were the pre-tournament favorites, with every opposition captain calling them the team to beat. However, two straight losses in the Super 8 stage have sent them packing. I’d be lying if I said the losses didn’t hurt. But, what hurt more is the kind of teams India lost to. Losing to Australia or South Africa would have been acceptable but what rankles more is that we lost to West Indies, a side that has been in terminal decline since the time Viv Richards retired and  the Poms, a celebrated bunch of whining underachievers.

On paper, India had a very strong batting line up, with some massive hitters of the cricket ball. On paper, the bowling was incisive too. More importantly, all these players were ‘Twenty20 hardened’, having gone through the grind of the IPL. So, what went wrong? Where did we lose? How? Continue reading